Global investors put real value in bitcoin, other digital currencies #investorseurope #Blockchainrevolution | The Blockchain Revolution |

Investors have been clamoring for a slice of the virtual market based on potential uses that have yet to materialize, says Garrick Hileman, a research fellow at the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance. [...] the currencies have the potential to disrupt the way startups raise money or how certain financial transactions are handled, experts say. Investors are excited by the potential for these smart contracts, which could make it easier for startups to raise money and for businesses to complete international transactions, says Eric Piscini, a principal at Deloitte Consulting who focuses on cryptocurrencies. Some investors expect that other countries in Asia, including South Korea and Malaysia, may follow Japan's regulatory framework and begin to accept bitcoin as a legitimate currency, says Dmitry Lazarichev, co-founder of Wirex, a platform where people can send and receive digital currencies.