The Blockchain Revolution
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Bitcoin’s Future. #investorseurope #blockchain 

Bitcoin’s Future. #investorseurope #blockchain  | The Blockchain Revolution |
Have you ever thought about a futures market for bitcoin. It seems the CME Group has. The idea is the same as the futures for any commodity really. Just as a gold miner or a farmer has a relatively fixed cost but unknown yield, bitcoin miners have the same type of deal. They know how much they’re about to spend, but have less of a clue as to how many coins they will produce or how much those coins will be worth in the future. If the patent passes regulation, this new Bitcoin Future will allow miners to lock in […]

" Markets are still trying to process the shock delivered by Theresa May on Tuesday. This week was supposed to be all about France but now we’ve had another huge event thrown into the mix."

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The Blockchain Revolution
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